Fashion is what we love, but living well and responsibly is what we’re truly passionate about.  We want to be a resource for every aspect of your life as a conscious and ethical consumer.  The following organizations and businesses are some of our favorites that stand behind this mission, and we encourage you to reference them as you continue to be a conscious consumer:



Sustainable, fair trade skincare products made from shea butter

A Wild Soap Bar

Serving up wildly aromatic natural soaps and body care, freshly handcrafted with wild and organic botanicals, pure essential oils, and eco-friendliness since 1995

Intelligent Nutrients

Certified organic, pesticide-free cosmetics and personal care products that are safe enough to eat

Lime Crime

An independent team of makeup renegades from Los Angeles, committed to producing the most kick-ass, true-to-color, cruelty-free cosmetics

One Love Organics

A natural, ethical, and environmentally driven cosmetics company created by skilled artisans

S.W. Basics

All-natural, sustainable skincare that’s ethically sourced and made from the simplest possible blends of whole ingredients


Anything Vegan

Anything you can make, these sisters can make vegan—recipes, blog and more

Big Green Purse

Green living and shopping tips, environment-friendly and responsible news and information, recycling, organic and fair trade products and services

Eco Salon

The #1 most-read conscious culture and fashion website


A website devoted to the future of sustainable fashion design

Elephant Journal

A blog dedicated to the mindful life of yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, enlightened education, etc.


The leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream—a one-stop shop for green news, solutions and product information


Park and Vine

Organic, vegan friendly products and local goods; Park + Vine features a vegan cafe open during lunch hours, bulk goods, beer, food and local goods.

The Shakti Factory

A yoga and movement studio, gathering place, and dynamic learning community focused on creativity, freedom, embodied spirituality and evolutionary human potential.


Elysian Energy

Supplying information that helps enhance a home’s efficiency, comfort and value

Ethical Electric

Support renewable energy every time you pay your power bill


Their mission is to bring solar to the mainstream market by making solar energy simple, affordable and efficient


Green Festival

America’s largest & longest-running sustainability and green living event



Lightweight, portable waterproof bags that replace up to 5,000 one-use plastic shopping bags over their lifetime

Modo Eyewear

Modo drives the eyewear industry’s effort in sustainability and social responsibility by producing frames with 95% recycled content, planting trees for every frame sold, and giving free spectacles to those in need

Stella McCartney

The leader in high fashion that’s committed to being a responsible, honest and modern company

Food & Cooking

Canaan Fair Trade

Distributors of Organic Olive Oil and traditional foods from the Palestine Fair Trade Association

Eden Foods

A principled natural food company

Frey Vineyards

No-sulfites-added, vegan and gluten-free wine

Grounds for Change

Exclusively fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee

Lunch Skins

Reusable snack and lunch bags with the potential to save thousands of plastic bags out of landfills, oceans and our future

Mary’s Gone Crackers

A winning recipe with wholesome ingredients

Mountain Rose Herbs

Organic herbs, spices, teas and herbal sundries

Nectar of the Gods

Nectar of the Gods purveys plant medicine through craft drinks and products; they create delicious herbal drinks, supply herbal products to conscious shopkeepers and customers, and host healing and wellness retreats.

Numi Tea

Unique, organic teas that don’t exploit workers



An approach to health and personal well-being that combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern science and common sense to empower individuals to live better lives



Eco, organic comfort—eco mattresses and bedding


EcoSystems is design for a healthy planet—they offer sustainable office and home furniture and sustainable design services utilizing organic, non-toxic, and energy efficient materials.

The Honest Company

Stylish, eco-friendly products for your baby and home

Woolly Pocket

Creators of modular, green, breathable vertical garden planters; easily create lush green walls and magnificent vertical gardens

Media, Paper & Publishing

Better Paper’s Better Magazine List

A list of magazines that are printed on recycled paper

Botanical Paperworks

The world-leading producer of eco-friendly paper products that grow into flowers when planted

Green Field Paper Company

Eco-friendly paper & stationary


Eco Orbis Luggage by Heys

High fashion luggage made from 100% recycled plastic that offers incredible strength, durability, flexibility and lightweight properties altogether


Empowering you to make a difference by supporting properties and hotels that are making efforts to be environmentally friendly, as well as share and review green lodging

Green Concierge

Once-in-a-lifetime trips with a low environmental footprint


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